Imagine if you could learn science and mathematics while having fun making fashion and textiles! 

Science and mathematics is everywhere in fashion…

From high fashion to massive sportswear companies the latest technology and hi tech materials gives you the edge in the fashion industry. Textiles design is essentially materials science and dying fabric is carbon chemistry. Fashion patternmaking is applied geometry. Running a fashion label is a business which requires financial literacy and is applied mathematics. Technology is everywhere in fashion from laser cutters and wearable electronics, to the coding that builds us our social media platforms. If you care about the environment it is impossible to truly understand sustainability without scientific literacy.   


As a fashion and textile designer I have always used my understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to push my designs to their limits. During my PhD research I began to explore the underlying scientific processes of fashion design. As an accidental by-product of the research it became possible to teach advanced principles of mathematics and science through fashion and textile design.

In collaboration with Dr Mary Coupland from the University of Technology Sydney I have been developing a series of workshops that teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematical (STEAM) concepts through fashion and textile design. We thought this would be a great way to engage people who do not respond to traditional math and science education while having lots of fun.


As a mathematics educator, I am passionate about making mathematics more accessible. Maths is everywhere and it need not be difficult - in fact it can be fun! Collaborations with Mark have helped me see possibilities for making visible the links between geometry and design.


At present we are developing STEAM outreach programs developed for high school students.